Saturday, March 14, 2009

Use your spare time..!


At the Samosir Cottages

get a drink at the cafe

a good journey

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Beautiful Beach

so what are we looking at the beach?
and what are we doing there?
most of people choose a beach to spent their holyday. mainly student of a college event senior high school. it's mean that beach made as the best place to scream the sound of heart with their lover. but it's only opinion for some people. we can avoid circumstances it's often happen arround you. As we know they do not only having vacation but sometimes to get a new inspiration from natural object places. it's possibly to bring their life into happiness and build their soul to the magic of dream son.

at The Lake Toba Transport (Ship)

It was the day, where I went to my home town.i got trip start from Medan forward Parapat. It was Monday, february 16th 2009. Every time i go back, commonly i choose by via Parapat than via Tele. cause got a trip by via Parapat is marvellously beside it, more likely we met with foreigners and enable we gave in touch with them and share some experiences. Start form Amplas station I rode SEJAHTERA transport, it took four hours with SEJAHTERA. I did take a sit at the corner near window of bus so that I can view some of place arround road. As if I got and spent holyday. really I like it so much.
Here I am thinking of something. In case I have lot of money perhaply I am going to spend my holyday arround the world. Cause I like travel so much .regarding with not right time to enjoyed it. What can I do. Willy nillly I have to finish my collega first and get a job. It’s seem at the picture I rode a ship forward tomok harbour. Beautiful and unirreplaceable even I couldn’t forget it. Do not worry if you got the same trip at ship .commonly you can get some snak at the ship; like peanut, eggs, rice, fred noddle, and some drinks. Moreas you stay on the ship it’s must be pleasant.
Get your journey …!
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