Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sing an old song at night

At hurricane season, i am seeking a friends at the north of Sumatera for better friendship. Late at night i adjusted cushion for more comfortable and lay down on it. Out touching my wristwatch showed at 24.15 am. My room is very hot i think and i threw out my blinket from my body. I woke from my bed and have a glass of water. Later i took my mobile to set alarm at 5.00 sharp to remind of my preparations in the morning. But i couldn’t get sleeping again i was thinking of her and remember when i run each other at the SUMUT BANK. It made me happy with small conversation. I imagined my self when i was fallen in love at the first sight. The good idea was thinking of me by taking a guitar and sing an old song with clasical music. I realized that i had already found someone who built my finest day. I used to call her each morning five minutes after i got up. Her voice on the telephone had a slow sensuality and she also has a nice sound when i asked her sing a song. Three weeks passed we rarely contact again. I’ve never seen someone like her before. She is different with others i think. Each time i try careless on her but i can’t. As if getting hard to breathe. But lately i’ve been down upon my kness ask my father to bless me each time i having step.

The next night i spent at friend house’s, he is my best friend as we like a family. And old sister approach me and asked me to play the guitar and sang some songs on her request together. Yeah i did enjoy it and it’s a beatiful night. We took some snakes , and some of bottle teas . we staying up untill morning. A girl with blond hair dancing in the dark night on australian style “jungle salsa”. I don’t know where did she learn that dancing. But actually nearly perfect. Wow it’s crazy night for us and celebrate dark night with small party.