Monday, July 25, 2011

Sibayak 14-15 May

Leaving the city of Medan for a while and go off thirst and reap inspiration far away on the mountain there. As we know how different will be done by any person or individual for a purpose. it was May 14th-15th '11 we started the journey from Medan in the afternoon and when we got in start the climb at around 11 Pm. It’s very beautiful night, seen some climbers in groups or other nature lovers. Forests or mountains will not be quiet and never quiet again but the crowd will always be visible and the mountain will always be awake and also the friends of nature. Luckily the season is greatly improved today when we left the heavy rain falling in in the Medan afternoon. Maybe the mountains know our intentions so natural was prepared for us and other climbers. Holding my black bag on my shoulder that contains provisions for several days on the mountain. Climbing at night is very important because it can balance the energy we have. mountains is very pleasant atmosphere. Clean air, natural scenery, especially the sound of birds while we eat together, drink the most delicious coffee mountains and sing along. If you were often hiking never mind bring guitars and other musical instruments light, because that would enliven and enhance your climbing. Because I always bring my bamboo flute when i was camping in the mountain. Many stories and memories left behind on the mountain Sibayak but will still carry the day will come. Unfortunately when I come down from the mountain I got a pain in my foot and muscle aches
May carry over tired so troublesome friends. Thanks my friends and Sibayak we 're going to visit you next time.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Sunday morning, 7:10 a.m., I finally crawled out of bed. Something in my head, I hadn’t slept well last night and I wasn’t sure why. Think that today would be a bigger day and give some price to me. I remember that I make an appointment to fish at Belawan sea yesterday and I should keep it. At 7:40 a.m. We’re all together left from our boarding house forward Belawan. We ride 5 motor bikes and it’s took one hour during the trip. The way forward Belawan some of us were lost way and it’s need twenty minutes to find them. About 9 p.m we arrived there, directly we looked for a fresh lobster. But we didn’t found it cause we’re too late. No choices “willy nilly we bought it.

We throught our trip and look a small boat to rent. It need make some communication to make an offer. On suit price we took the boat and rent a half day (12 hours). Sounds good to me and thought that day would felt be different than I fish at river or lake before.

It’s chilly those day and thougt that we’ll catch more and bigger as we want. About 10 km from sea side we had began to fish but we didn’t got anything. Later we go on our boat and look for the best place to fish as suggest of rentor the boat. Yeah it did work.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Second Trip to Berastagi

Berastagi is one of the most favorite tourist destination. It has a good panoramic, interesting view, fresh air and even a very strategic location for a holyday. Today these guys and i start our trip from Padang Bulan forward Berastagi. Before arriving at Berastagi we’re stopping in several places and spent a lot of time We do enjoyed and i really like these guy they are little crazy but it's ok for some kid or joke to complete our journey. All of us have a different style but we make it more fantastic. Who knows the difference it makes perfect. During at the trip we play about a number of songs it’s kind of rock songs, pop, country, clasical music and singging though we have no nice sound atleast it’s one of our act.Well’ firstly we stop at the Bukit Kubu take a rest. A part of us play some kites and celebrate our friends brihtday's. She is morlina Malau. I've never felt like this before, on peaceful maybe as last memory with these guys. Really amazing you know! Someday had passed but something need to know this day really come to fill my empty on the previous day. One hours at the hill sides then we continue our trip toward the hill Gundaling make some view there. Actually cool and enjoyable from the top we could see the beauty around Berastagi. Some services provided there like horse drivers and the others. There is also a place to stay. Felt so great this place proved to be very many visitors, whether they are students or not at all. but maybe one thing who make people disgusted at this place because of the horse manure than in any place. But I do not know the opposite is also possible. We wonder to know bout hotspring in Sidebu-debu, directly we move on to the hotspring. Exactly once with the weather cause the time to get there rain pouring down right above our heads. Actually it's the correct time to get swim for a few hours and it’s also become a kind of cool day & tobe going a lot of fun with these guys and me. Thank’s my friends we really come to the truly word. So we may enjoy the following day.


Friday, January 15, 2010


What we gonna do and what we need arround here? Something trouble those day and make our plan dosen’t go work as we want. It was a busy day for transports and it’s seem complete by having traffic jam a long the way. We tried to run and pass that way but it doesn’t go far. After a few hours awating for them but actually doesn’t result anything it’s getting hard to croos & be going to waste. We make a comparison for one destination that more faster on foot than driver car. So anybody didn’t want waiting untill night. That’s why we decided to choose Loknya to take a few hours and make it as our tourist destination. Without complain quickly we move on there. Loknya is a small water fall, river but it has a cool mountain surrounding. It was chilly today we perspires each other and look bad, fale on face such a dry season. We walk along this street to find a shady place to take a rest. Itsn’t far we found a shady place under some trees 0oo… sight relief. A half hour has gone suddenly, a good signal brought us to the awesome idea and really think it was amazing. No one ever told this such a shame plan or anything to broke our plan. Lately we go on our trip toward Loknya it’s has ± 800 of intersection. Here the atmosphere is very quiet and very rarely people who visit this place. but it could happen to this day there is no local visitors. A good time to take a shower and enjoy the surrounding attractions. You can stand right under the waterfall for a few minutes and think something kind of cool day. Here we are…….

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Night Taptu

Precisely on the 16th of August students SMAN 1 Pangururan, making the line in order to welcome the birthday of independence of Republic of Indonesia (RI) of the 64. The movement of this line is known as Taptu night. Here we can see the spirit of the student movement as the struggle of our former heroes.This event alive with the bands hosted by the student and Boy Scout membership. I myself follow the show premises of which the Community Service Program is a curriculum demands that must be followed by students as one of the requirements toward graduation later. With this program we know is very real among the education community life in this country. It felt very satisfying. It was voiced a writer's dream. thanks headmasters SMAN 1 Pangururan and all of staffs that worked there. may you have great day now and later. Keep your spirit all student make your progress in your daily study.
greetings to all brothers in Indonesia.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The travel writing of my journey full of my life throught the day and night. The sun, the lake, the land, the wind would be closely to complete my daily life. I am continuing nonstop toward better future with His blesses in accompany me each time i got step. God created sea, lake even river and painted them blue to make it nice for us. And here i am at peace, the bow pointed toward east, when i could be heading north with an unsuspected drama deep inside. I had been swimming and enjoyed the water for over one hour. I am gonna catch each move who could bring me forward my dream. As i go back on my childhood looking for something and wonder it that i haven’t seen before. In my place the land i was born i had found many of inspiration and new performance of life. But sometimes i become blind for my slow progress. But i need to kill it by taking a refresh one way swimming at the natural object and enjoyed it as possible well. Now i’m thingking bout something in the way of reaching a specific thing and make it sure be useful in my hand. I‘d keep talking until i stay longer as planed before and also couldn’t stop learning in increasing my progress that i had built at this alongtime over and over again. And this won’t last. It doesn’t matter how long we life but how we life and stand to win. I know the way i sit, get dressed say a lot bout me. Out of the blue someone has sent me gift by the time i depressed although i didn’t give her feedback. Sorry i never look down for anything even a piece of cake. I think everything is mean but anytime we need to filter it. By the way it’s very nice i think ate some foods or snakes after got swim. Like fred mield, fred rice and the ohters. Wow is delicious And all i need is statisfying my daily life and my dream become true.

Night Crossing

Sunset had ended an old season. Early in the morning people ‘ll be laugh at each others and cheer up cause new season had come. Dry season has gone and changed by rain season till green up some fields. My friends and I start our trip forward hotspring. As people fashioned a small party we did and took a bath at the swimming pool. Good time I think cause enjoyed a beautiful night rode it on large happiness. I imagined that it be going to continue actually at the different places or maybe countries. We sat in the chair at the corner and made some order, firstly we ordered hot sugar tea cause night was cold….ber..”rrr…..r. Then we have some foods to throw out our hungry all day during having a trip. No visitor tonight was seemed from picture it’s caused of heavy rain out there. So it can less the amount of visitor as usual. Fortunately people around Pangururan still want to visit hotspring eventhough just for taking a bath atleast it could add the amount of visitor at lonely night. Night wouldn’t perfect as I thought without playing a guitar and sang some songs to ride the night till the end.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seven Tastes Water at Sianjurmula-mula

As we visit our friends, firstly we did plan make a trip to observate tourist destination object at sianjurmulamula.
Not so far from Pangururan it’s reachable by using motorbikes and the other transport. In the noon we visit“Aek SiPitu Dai/Seven Tastes Water”situated at sianjurmula-mula village. The legend of batak story mentioned that Sianjurmula-mula is the first land where all batak etnese were born. Then widespread to another places for getting a better life or starting a new life. Our visiting wasn’t longer cause we didn’t met someone else who might told us more bout Aek Sipitu Dai. In other word we just visiting and tasted the different each waters. Actually it’s getting hard to found the different taste. I mean that something difficult for me to tell what kind of taste/color each water of amount. May you visit this place but you have to keep this one” do not speak reclassly” cause people around it do not allow you make some observation by using a small talk or something that looked on impolite.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sing an old song at night

At hurricane season, i am seeking a friends at the north of Sumatera for better friendship. Late at night i adjusted cushion for more comfortable and lay down on it. Out touching my wristwatch showed at 24.15 am. My room is very hot i think and i threw out my blinket from my body. I woke from my bed and have a glass of water. Later i took my mobile to set alarm at 5.00 sharp to remind of my preparations in the morning. But i couldn’t get sleeping again i was thinking of her and remember when i run each other at the SUMUT BANK. It made me happy with small conversation. I imagined my self when i was fallen in love at the first sight. The good idea was thinking of me by taking a guitar and sing an old song with clasical music. I realized that i had already found someone who built my finest day. I used to call her each morning five minutes after i got up. Her voice on the telephone had a slow sensuality and she also has a nice sound when i asked her sing a song. Three weeks passed we rarely contact again. I’ve never seen someone like her before. She is different with others i think. Each time i try careless on her but i can’t. As if getting hard to breathe. But lately i’ve been down upon my kness ask my father to bless me each time i having step.

The next night i spent at friend house’s, he is my best friend as we like a family. And old sister approach me and asked me to play the guitar and sang some songs on her request together. Yeah i did enjoy it and it’s a beatiful night. We took some snakes , and some of bottle teas . we staying up untill morning. A girl with blond hair dancing in the dark night on australian style “jungle salsa”. I don’t know where did she learn that dancing. But actually nearly perfect. Wow it’s crazy night for us and celebrate dark night with small party.