Friday, January 15, 2010


What we gonna do and what we need arround here? Something trouble those day and make our plan dosen’t go work as we want. It was a busy day for transports and it’s seem complete by having traffic jam a long the way. We tried to run and pass that way but it doesn’t go far. After a few hours awating for them but actually doesn’t result anything it’s getting hard to croos & be going to waste. We make a comparison for one destination that more faster on foot than driver car. So anybody didn’t want waiting untill night. That’s why we decided to choose Loknya to take a few hours and make it as our tourist destination. Without complain quickly we move on there. Loknya is a small water fall, river but it has a cool mountain surrounding. It was chilly today we perspires each other and look bad, fale on face such a dry season. We walk along this street to find a shady place to take a rest. Itsn’t far we found a shady place under some trees 0oo… sight relief. A half hour has gone suddenly, a good signal brought us to the awesome idea and really think it was amazing. No one ever told this such a shame plan or anything to broke our plan. Lately we go on our trip toward Loknya it’s has ± 800 of intersection. Here the atmosphere is very quiet and very rarely people who visit this place. but it could happen to this day there is no local visitors. A good time to take a shower and enjoy the surrounding attractions. You can stand right under the waterfall for a few minutes and think something kind of cool day. Here we are…….

Thursday, January 14, 2010