Monday, February 1, 2010

Second Trip to Berastagi

Berastagi is one of the most favorite tourist destination. It has a good panoramic, interesting view, fresh air and even a very strategic location for a holyday. Today these guys and i start our trip from Padang Bulan forward Berastagi. Before arriving at Berastagi we’re stopping in several places and spent a lot of time We do enjoyed and i really like these guy they are little crazy but it's ok for some kid or joke to complete our journey. All of us have a different style but we make it more fantastic. Who knows the difference it makes perfect. During at the trip we play about a number of songs it’s kind of rock songs, pop, country, clasical music and singging though we have no nice sound atleast it’s one of our act.Well’ firstly we stop at the Bukit Kubu take a rest. A part of us play some kites and celebrate our friends brihtday's. She is morlina Malau. I've never felt like this before, on peaceful maybe as last memory with these guys. Really amazing you know! Someday had passed but something need to know this day really come to fill my empty on the previous day. One hours at the hill sides then we continue our trip toward the hill Gundaling make some view there. Actually cool and enjoyable from the top we could see the beauty around Berastagi. Some services provided there like horse drivers and the others. There is also a place to stay. Felt so great this place proved to be very many visitors, whether they are students or not at all. but maybe one thing who make people disgusted at this place because of the horse manure than in any place. But I do not know the opposite is also possible. We wonder to know bout hotspring in Sidebu-debu, directly we move on to the hotspring. Exactly once with the weather cause the time to get there rain pouring down right above our heads. Actually it's the correct time to get swim for a few hours and it’s also become a kind of cool day & tobe going a lot of fun with these guys and me. Thank’s my friends we really come to the truly word. So we may enjoy the following day.


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