Monday, July 25, 2011

Sibayak 14-15 May

Leaving the city of Medan for a while and go off thirst and reap inspiration far away on the mountain there. As we know how different will be done by any person or individual for a purpose. it was May 14th-15th '11 we started the journey from Medan in the afternoon and when we got in start the climb at around 11 Pm. It’s very beautiful night, seen some climbers in groups or other nature lovers. Forests or mountains will not be quiet and never quiet again but the crowd will always be visible and the mountain will always be awake and also the friends of nature. Luckily the season is greatly improved today when we left the heavy rain falling in in the Medan afternoon. Maybe the mountains know our intentions so natural was prepared for us and other climbers. Holding my black bag on my shoulder that contains provisions for several days on the mountain. Climbing at night is very important because it can balance the energy we have. mountains is very pleasant atmosphere. Clean air, natural scenery, especially the sound of birds while we eat together, drink the most delicious coffee mountains and sing along. If you were often hiking never mind bring guitars and other musical instruments light, because that would enliven and enhance your climbing. Because I always bring my bamboo flute when i was camping in the mountain. Many stories and memories left behind on the mountain Sibayak but will still carry the day will come. Unfortunately when I come down from the mountain I got a pain in my foot and muscle aches
May carry over tired so troublesome friends. Thanks my friends and Sibayak we 're going to visit you next time.

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